Insurance Leads

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Project Description

Insurance leads are generated in real time and received within 24 hours. Or we can transfer the customer to you via a 3 way telephone conference call.

All customers have agreed to be contacted and would like to receive a quote which could save them money – And they are looking to purchase within the next few months.

Latch Media also has a historical file that is complete with renewal date. Ideal for companies looking to target customers before their renewal.

You can choose which marketing method to use such as postal, telephone, mobile/sms or email. We can also profile by age, location, income, homeowner status etc

All data is opted in and fully compliant with existing DPA and PECR rules.

Insurance leads can be delivered by:-

  • Live telephone transfer to your specialist call handlers
  • Live API post into your CRM
  • Live email containing contact details
  • Daily flat file at the start or end of each day

Request a data count to find out how many insurance leads we hold for your next marketing campaign. We will have the results back to you within 24 hours.