Lead Generation

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Project Description

Latch Media are one of the UK’s largest lead generation companies delivering fully profiled customers to our clients each month.

Here’s an overview of our online and offline lead generation tools:-

  • Online Lead Generation – From survey leads, pay-per-click (PPC) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc), to Native and Display, we can assist with all types of online lead generation.
  • Offline Lead Generation – We have our own UK call centre with over 250 seats specialising in insurance and financial leads. Our expertise in live telephone transfers will save you time and money providing you customers who, we know, have a genuine interest in your brand.
  • Financial Leads – We generate thousands of financial leads every week ranging from unsecured and secured loans, mortgage and remortgage, declines, payday and debt management.
  • Insurance Leads – Insurance leads are generated in real time and delivered within 24 hours or transferred to your call centre via a 3 way conference call. We also hold historic renewals that are all complete with renewal date, ideal for companies looking to target consumers before their insurance expires.

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