The Importance of Data Cleansing

The Importance of Data Cleansing

If you don’t know why Data Cleansing is so important then you need to read on because using old data for your marketing campaigns is a huge mistake and here’s why:

Eliminates Out of Date Records

Data cleansing finds the people or businesses who have changed addresses – Individuals and companies move, so it is a waste of money sending material out to an address where they no longer live.

Saves you Money

Clean Data means you are contacting your target audience, therefore your money isn’t being wasted and you can expect to get a good response rate because the people you have targeted are those who will be interested in your product.

Protects your Brand

Data cleansing protects your brand reputation – If you always send out your mail to the right person and there’s no mistakes generated by an incorrect address or a misspelt name then customers will trust your brand. Mistakes in paperwork will lead people to believe that your business isn’t efficient and they will go elsewhere.

Updates Information

Data cleansing can update telephone numbers and find mobiles that have been deactivated. Cleansing your data can also find and remove records of people who are deceased.

Ensures you adhere to Compliance Regulations

Data cleansing makes sure that you are in line with the compliance regulations laid down by data protection legislation.

Latch Media

Latch Media use their database to clean your data and you can get a free no obligation audit from them if you contact the team.