Postal Data and a Surprising Fact about Direct Mail Campaigns

Postal Data and a Surprising Fact about Direct Mail Campaigns

Postal Data can really help your Direct Mail marketing campaign and ensure that your brand gets noticed by people who matter.

People who matter are those who could become customers and that means that they are interested in your brand and they have the means to buy it.

Postal Addresses and More

Latch Media’s Postal Data doesn’t only supply you with names and addresses, it will get you the information you need about potential customers such as whether or not they own their home, their hobbies and their marital status. These are things that can help you to target the right audience for your Direct Mail campaign.

Postal Data Campaigns Work

Many people prefer to read advertising or marketing information because they can do so in the comfort of their home and take the time that they need to absorb the information. An eye catching leaflet or mailshot with an attractive design and well written content will get noticed and read by the people you want to attract to your brand.

The Surprise Fact

In 2012 the Stop Junk Mail campaign commissioned a study into the cost of direct marketing and the company that conducted it on their behalf discovered that for every pound spent on direct marketing, 50 pounds of sales would be generated. That’s a huge profit for such a small outlay and goes to prove that people do read the stuff that comes through their letterboxes!

Latch Media Postal Data

Latch Media has a large Postal Database with over 50 million records that can be broken down to make them target specific.

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